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party time

More congratulations today, for Micol Ostow, author of the brand new, debuting TODAY series The Bradford Novels. She's hosting a month long blog bash over at the series website -- and seriously, this is one incredibly impressive site that would be worth your perusal even if today's special feature wasn't (self-promotion alert) an interview with yours truly.

(Um, this is a picture of the book cover, not of me.)

But it is an interview with yours truly, so if you're eager to dig up some of my deep dark secrets, you should head over to the Bradford Blog, and while you're there, stick around for the prizes, author Q&As, and various other surprises Micol's got planned. Thanks for inviting me, Micol!


Jan. 29th, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
What with that comment being an anonymous posting it sounds skeery and ominous! But I still invite any and all people--even the skeery and ominous people--to come party.
I'm the author of several novels for teens, including HACKING HARVARD, the CHASING YESTERDAY trilogy, and the SEVEN DEADLY SINS series.

My newest book, SKINNED, comes out in September 2008.

Also, I like cupcakes.