Robin Wasserman (robinwasserman) wrote,
Robin Wasserman

8 days to go

And I'll be spending most of them hanging out over at YA for Obama, counting down the days til Election Day with an increasingly feverish gleam in my eye.  How am I going to make it? And how am I going to fill the empty hours when this election is over?


Yeah, I don't think so.

In the meantime, if you're craving some Wasserman flavored political punditry, read my latest blog posts (the latter co-written by master of ceremonies Maureen Johnson herself), or relive the glory of the vice presidential debate with the live blog transcript (also featuring the marvelous MJ).  While you're there, read posts by Judy Blume, Tamora Pierce, Scott Westerfeld, etc etc etc. But the best reason to go over there? We're giving away prizes -- EVERY DAY! And to qualify, all you need to do is find a way to help out the Obama campaign and then blog about it on the site.  If you need inspiration, here's the latest winner, Zara, talking about her experiences campaigning in the Ozarks:

"This was the first Democratic campaign headquarters ever in my hometown, and no one really knew what would happen. Fortunately, it soon became clear that there were plenty of closet Obama-ers itching to help out, and we were on a roll. I was lucky enough to go to the first Obama youth meeting in June. At that meeting, ten inexperienced teenagers (of which I was one) armed with pizza and cell phones made 500 calls in two hours. And though we may have gotten some nasty replies--including the usual swear words and racial slurs--we managed to locate some Obama supporters and even more undecideds.

On November 4th, I will be taking the day off school to knock on doors around town. Throughout the day, the entire canvassing team will knock on every door in town three times. I'm sure we'll severely annoy some stay-at-home moms, but we will make a difference. Maybe we'll win Howell County, maybe not. Maybe we won't even win Missouri. But no matter how whether we win or not, we'll have contributed to one of the most important presidential elections of the 21st century--and that's something we can all be proud of."

Congratulations, Zara!


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